Positive Brand Image & Publicity

Providing support to a student project which is working towards NITI Aayog’s initiative of sustainable mobility will add a positive outlook to your brand. Your company will be publicised nationally as well as globally through our promotional events, social media handles, unveiling event and other promotional activities.

Empowering the Youth

Our team helps in fostering technological advancements amongst students of the engineering fraternity of India by providing students with an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience applicable in the industry.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Associating with our team will also add to the C.S.R activities of your organisation.



Provide us with parts which are useful in the creation of a formula race car.


Specialist on a related topic can support us with technical expertise and guidelines.


Provide tools or machines needed for the manufacturing of special parts.

Financial Support

Support us by contributing financially.


Aid us by shipping our car and equipments within the country and globally for competitions.





A sponsor of DJS Racing the following benefits will be included :

  1. Logo on car
  2. Logo on Team Apparel
  3. Online Publicity
  4. Distribution of Company Merchandise
  5. Promotion at events ( FSI+FSG)
  6. Promotion at Car launch and college fests
  7. Exclusive Ad Campaigns
  8. Themed Body
  9. Team and Car Availibility

Interested to be a part of DJS Racing?

Sponsorship Brochure


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